Being a man of ethics, good business values, coherent administrative and leadership qualities, Naresh Kumar Ganeriwal is the reason behind the triumph of the business. Having a background where he started from scratch and later became a successful businessman took persistent efforts and a lot of hard work. He is the one who synchronizes the functioning of the company in the most organized way which increased the overall productivity of the company. He through his dedication and wider vision has reshaped the Transportation and Logistics sector of Odisha into one of the finest industries. Not only he has reshaped the Transportation and Logistics sector into a full-size industry but also contributed some of the latest and constructive developments. He designed third party logistics (3PL) and fourth-party logistics (4PL) services based on his extensive experience in the logistics sector. He expertise in the skill of incorporation and through it, he contributed to the market by giving supper-advanced manifestations of Warehousing transportation, and On-Time delivery solutions, etc.

He brings a new perspective concerning customer relationship, as a result, it’s giving an edge to the business.

His achievement towards his vision and customer contentment made him attain many awards. He was awarded from many prestigious and reputed companies like Bunge India Pvt ltd, Dalda, and most importantly Odisha Road Transportation Awards. If we talk about his accomplishments, the list is very long. The transportation sector of Odisha has got recognition due to his efforts. Along with having a systematic and transformative approach to business growth, Naresh Kumar Ganeriwal also has an optimistic attitude which has been one of the most important reasons behind the ultimate increase in the productivity of the business. His principles of conscientiousness and will power continue to take the team to extraordinary peaks in the ladder of company success. Not just this, he also has expertise in educational, social, and religious activities.


Kamlesh Kumar Ganeriwal is a personality who is one of the bespoke for the transportation and logistics business. He has an excellent business ability which has been noticeable in the case of the successful development of SITA. He has function productively for the foundation and establishment of the organization and has been linked with it ever since then. He also plays the main role in the handling of the Company’s All Odisha Fleet of Vehicles and their functioning having its headquarters in Cuttack. His structured functioning in this field is marked by his victorious procedure of direct functioning. He has a sympathetic and empathetic attitude for the drivers who play a significant role in the working of this industry. He has achieved expertise in amalgamating softness and firmness in a constructive balance and has therefore acquired the entitle of ‘Messiah of Drivers’.

His attitude of ‘never failing’, altruism, on the job dedication, and firmness has been a blessing to the company in all these years. He has been recognized widely as the exclusive patron to the Surface Transport business and also has been acknowledged for his managerial expertise. Along with managing his job in the utmost effective manner, Kamlesh Kumar Ganeriwal also carries out all his duties as a younger brother to coach Naresh Kumar Ganeriwal to whom he functions the role of a companion and a stress buster.

The boom of the company credited a lot to the optimistic outlook and determination of Kamlesh Kumar Ganeriwal who at no time fails to convey the most desirable outputs.